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The Anti-Bucket List For Couples

We all have a list of fun stuff we want to do together, but let's flip the script and talk about what NOT to do as a couple. We're giving you our anti-bucket list—a guide to steer clear of those common relationship obstacles...

1. Scorecard Syndrome

You two are a team, not rivals in a game of "who did what when." Ditch the scorecard syndrome and embrace an "I got you, babe" mentality. Be generous with love and support, without keeping tabs on who owes whom. Let's build each other up instead of measuring who did the dishes last – it's a love fest, not a competition!

2. Silent Treatment—You Should Really Talk it Out...

When you hit a bump in the relationship road, silence isn't golden—it's just awkward! Embrace the power of communication, even if it means dealing with tough stuff. Create a no-judgment zone where both of you can share thoughts, feelings, and quirky anecdotes without fear of being dismissed. Let's resolve issues like the dynamic duo we are!

3. Mind Reading Mishaps

Psst, your partner can't read your mind (shocking, right?). Avoid the mind reading mishaps by dropping the assumptions and starting a "talk and listen" revolution. Share your dreams, desires, and the occasional silly thoughts you have. Trust us; life gets easier when you communicate like a boss!

4. Constant Comparison—#RelationshipGoals are Overrated!

Who needs #RelationshipGoals when you're having your own unique love story? Skip the constant comparisons to others, because you're one of a kind! Celebrate your quirks, laugh at your inside jokes, and embrace the journey you're on together. It's time to create your own #RelationshipOriginal!

5. Lacking Financial Autonomy

Ready to level up your money game without the awkward money talk? Say hello to Smoov, your financial wingman. We split expenses effortlessly, so no more tallying who paid what. No fuss, just pure financial harmony! With Smoov by your side, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank (or the ice cream parlor – you do you).

In Conclusion...

Avoid these pesky pitfalls like the pros you are, and when it comes to finances, let Smoov take the wheel. Here's to building a rock-solid partnership filled with unforgettable memories and smart money moves! Cheers to the adventure ahead! 🥂

Until next time Smoovers. Take it easy and keep it Smoov. ❤️🤝💰


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