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LA Tech Week - Day 4 Recap

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The 2nd Annual LA Tech Week.

This was the second year a16z has put on LA Tech week and after year one, there was certainly some room for improvement. It seemed like this year was slightly more organized and definitely more well attended.

The cool thing about LA tech week is there are SO many events you can make it your own experience and as with anything, you get out what you put in.

The Smoov team made it to 18 events in 6 days and we're going to show you what is was like over the course of the week with write-ups and video breakdowns for each day.

Here was our breakdown for Day 4.

Event 1: Investor Tennis Tournament

This event was at LMU at the Tennis Courts.

I'll say the same thing about this that I said yesterday, the activity based and morning focused meetups are just infinitely more valuable.

The format for tennis was super nice because it was "King/Queen of the court" format, so while you were in between challenging the defending champion on the court, you'd be hanging out in line getting to know the other folks who were there.

Everyone in tech, startups, and investing are competitive by nature so along with the fact that this event wasn't centered around drinking and eating which is better in general, it was great to scratch the competitive itch and see people working hard competing with each other.

Event 2: Pitches and Press-AI, Funding & Media Features LA

This event was in Santa Monica.

Probably the most "LA" event of the week. There was a red carpet, some random but cool and nice TikTok celebrities, actors, producers and Meta World Peace was even there on stage for the pitch panel.

Fun and funny event, not a ton of value for Smoov.

There was a huge line of people at the beginning and I walked up and down the line pitching Smoov and handing out our koozies...

Only two events on Thursday which was pretty nice.

Check out the Day video recap:

Back half of the week... stay tuned for more tomorrow.


Tuck from Smoov

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