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LA Tech Week - Day 3 Recap

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The 2nd Annual LA Tech Week.

This was the second year a16z has put on LA Tech week and after year one, there was certainly some room for improvement. It seemed like this year was slightly more organized and definitely more well attended.

The cool thing about LA tech week is there are SO many events you can make it your own experience and as with anything, you get out what you put in.

The Smoov team made it to 18 events in 6 days and we're going to show you what is was like over the course of the week with write-ups and video breakdowns for each day.

Here was our breakdown for Day 3.

Event 1: Dawn Patrol

Something about morning coffee meetups is just much more valuable than afternoon happy hours, in terms of the level you're able to connect with people on.

Hosted by Jason for the second time in the past two months there was a great turnout where we walked from one coffee shop in Venice to another one along the boardwalk.

Saw some familiar faces and met some great new founders. Most of whom are based here in LA as well.

Great way to start the day.

Event 2: Fintech Meetup - Smoothies and Coffee

This event was in Santa Monica at Clocktower Ventures offices.

The first event of the week we didn't get let in to... despite having it on the calendar as no longer [pending]...

Without getting into the details, this was disappointing.

Event 3: From Seed to Series C, What Are Founders Facing in 2023?

This event was in east Santa Monica at the Expert Dojo office.

These guys know how to put on an event. There was way too many people here though and it was impossible to hear the people speaking - we stuck around for about 10 minutes.

Event 4: Fintech Fireside Chat & Wellbeing Experience with Jake Gibson

This event was in Venice at a breathwork studio. The timing here couldn't have been more perfect.

It's dead in the middle of tech week, and we go to a breathwork studio to sit on the ground for a like an hour. Listening to cool founders tell their stories, and hear from Jake at BTV formerly of NerdWallet about the importance of balancing wellness with hard work. As if I wasn't a BTV fan before...

The breathwork exercise was so cool. First time I've experienced anything like that outside of the last 5 minutes of a yoga class. My leg went completely numb and I'm not sure if that was because of sitting on the ground for so long or because of the intense breathing but for a minute there I thought I would never walk again LOL...

It was nice to pull back into the present moment amidst a chaotic week.

Event 5: LA As a Center of Excellence for Fintech

This event was in Santa Monica near The Bungalow. So Close... maybe next year we'll get invited to an official a16z event that's actually at the Bungalow.

Networking. Passed apps. Pizza.

Great conversation about the future of fintech and more bullish signal from the LA community of investors and founders.

Event 6: Meet LA's Earliest Stage Investors and Founders

This event was at Hotel Erwin in Venice.

This was one of the few events I went to last year and it was a nice repeat this year. As the only game in town in terms of Venice roof decks, the venue was great and the turnout was packed as expected.

I actually ran into a fellow Chapman alumni who I met for the first time at the same event last year.

Check out the Day 3 video recap:

Halfway through... stay tuned for more tomorrow.


Tuck from Smoov

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