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LA Tech Week - Day 2 Recap

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The 2nd Annual LA Tech Week.

This was the second year a16z has put on LA Tech week and after year one, there was certainly some room for improvement. It seemed like this year was slightly more organized and definitely more well attended.

The cool thing about LA tech week is there are SO many events you can make it your own experience and as with anything, you get out what you put in.

The Smoov team made it to 18 events in 6 days and we're going to show you what is was like over the course of the week with write-ups and video breakdowns for each day.

Here was our breakdown for Day 3.

Event 1: Let's Get Sweaty by Hot Girls Work Out

I've just recently become friends with Alexis who's the founder of hot girls work out and she invited us to her morning workout party, which included a pilates class, Sweetgreen, beverages and massages.

We missed the workout portion but it was great to meet Alexis IRL and check out the house - we also ran into Suin Kim who was at the comedy roast the night before and loved what we're doing at Smoov.

Event 2: Modern Storytelling & Business Building for LA

This event was at a very cool house in Venice hosted by the homies at House of Ventures who I was able to meet multiple times throughout the week and am a big fan of.

There were three separate panels throughout the session and all of them had their own unique take on storytelling, partnerships, brand building and everything in between.

I was able to meet Kevin Garnett's business partner which was very cool... I'm hoping she can help me get in touch with Dwyane Wade. More to come there soon!

Along with that, I was finally was able to introduce myself to Spencer Rascoff and meet some of the team at Mantis Capital in person.

Ultimately, this was a nice afternoon event which was informative, relaxed and had a great crew at a great venue. I'd say they could have kept it to two panels just to tighten up the time but other than that it was one of the best events of the week.

Event 3: Making Waves: Early Stage Community Happy Hour

This event was at Roosterfish on Abbot Kinney. A great venue.

Again a no format happy networking event with open bar and pizza. Met some cool people who worked at Snapchat, some founders working on AI Girlfriends/Boyfriends and some investors from Wonder VC who focuses explicitly on backing early stage LA based companies...

Event 4: AlphaEdison & QED Fintech Party!

This event was in Santa Monica at Shutters hotel rooftop - this is a sick venue.

They had a nice chat about the current and future state of fintech which was really reassuring and positive, followed by passed apps and an open bar with a view.

We saw some founder friends and met some experienced fintech angel investors.

First time hearing of QED they seem like an incredible outfit.

Event : #TeckWeek VC Kickoff Party

This event was in the Pacific Palisades at a huge house.

Probably 300 people with open bar and a taco stand. Incredible home and an incredible view. Met some super interesting investors here ranging from angels who work on Wall Street to folks from Serena Williams' fund.

Here's the video recap from Day 2:

Day 2 was busy but if you can believe it day 3 is even busier - stay tuned for Day 3 recap coming tomorrow.


Tuck from Smoov

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