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We’re changing the way couples manage their expenses.

No more calculating shared expenses in excel  or letting uneven payments “come out in the wash” 

No more manually sending money back and forth when one partner does the groceries or fills the car up with gas. 


Smoov Integrates with all of your different credit and debit cards to automatically keep track of your shared expenses as a couple.


Split shared expenses fairly in the way that best suits your relationship. 


Settle up whenever you’d like. 

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No more jumping from one banking app to the next to try and pull together all of your different transactions from the past weekend.  Smoov pulls all of your recent transactions from separate cards into one running list - giving you better insight and oversight into your personal spending, and spending as a couple.  Oh and this list is totally private so no spoilers for your partner's new birthday present. 



Take the transactions from your private view and easily push them over to your shared view.  This is where Smoov starts keeping track of the damage between you and your partner. All you need to do is select which transactions are shared, and if you’d like to adjust the split percentage you can - otherwise it will default to whatever you as a couple agree on. 



Our first 500 users will be free customers of Smoov for life.  


Sign up for our waitlist to keep up with the upcoming launch. 


Every couple is unique and circumstances change all the time. Using our income based contribution calculator you can determine together the fair and equal way to share your expenses - and personalize the app for what makes sense to YOU. And if you're not ready to tell your partner how much you earn, that's cool too just set the percentage to something you're both comfortable with.



At Smoov we recommend settling up with your partner once every two weeks - typically this flow makes things a bit more predictable, and can likely coincide with each partners paystubs.  


Partners will initiate an ACH transfer from one checking account to the other.  They can set this up to happen automatically every two weeks, or can initiate it manually whenever they see fit.

Financial Harmony

We know that conversations about money can be difficult and that every relationship is unique. 


Our main goal at Smoov is to give couples the tools they need to make those conversations easier. 


The Financial Harmony Calculator is a simple but powerful tool that offers insight into what might make sense financially for your relationship.

Give it a shot by entering both partners annual income and seeing what split % could work for you.

Financial Harmony Calculator



Ideal Percentage

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