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Most People Don't Like Talking About Money...And It Shows

In our digital age, making payments with apps like Venmo has become the norm. But even with all the convenience at our fingertips, young couples still need to have honest and hard discussions about money. But it’s no surprise that many young couples find those money conversations to be hard.

So why is money such a buzzkill??

Well, let's be real—talking about finances can be about as fun as waiting in line at the DMV. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and even downright stressful. Maybe it's because we've been taught that talking about money is rude or impolite. Or maybe it's because we're afraid of being judged for our spending habits (looking at you, $7 artisanal coffee). Whatever the reason, with the way things are right now, you have to sit down and thoroughly discuss your finances if you want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship. But what if you could eliminate that worrisome conversation altogether?

The first step is acknowledging that money is important. It affects every aspect of our lives, from where we live to what we eat to how we spend our time. And when we're in a relationship, it becomes even more complicated. Have you ever felt like you're living inside of this scene from the film Triangle of Sadness? Then you know exactly what emotions we are addressing. Awkward AF.

But here's the good news: with Smoov, you don’t have to worry about that conversation. Smoov allows couples to split their expenses automatically, without a shared bank account. This means that you can avoid the awkward conversations and calculations, and instead focus on enjoying your time together. No more worrying about who paid for what or trying to remember who owes whom.

So, say it with me: No more money talk and no more math. Smoov will take care of it.

Until next time Smoovers. Take it easy and keep it Smoov.

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